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For Owners

Managing rental properties can be overwhelming. Collecting rent, conducting showings, or figuring out the eviction process can easily chew up any profits you may get from your investment. Our team will make the process as stress free as possible, maximizing your returns while simplifying the process of renting your property.

For Renters

Renting can be a nightmare. You don’t want to deal with poorly maintained homes or landlords that are doing this on a very part time basis, who have no desire to follow up on your issues. We have an entire team of problem solvers who can fix issues quickly and competently so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Maximize the value of your investment with a property management team that does it all

Maintaining  your Property

Maintaining a revenue property can be more difficult than most property owners realize. Annual maintenance as well as critical repairs are covered by our experienced team so your investment sustains it’s value and your property remains highly desired among tenants. 

Tenant Screenings and Showings

Selecting the best tenant for your property takes skill, research, and knowledge of the market. Our team takes the unpredictability out of renting with robust tenant screening and background checks as well as arranging showing times with prospective and departing renters.

Manage your Property Ethically and Legally

Understanding landlord-tenant laws and how to apply them can feel daunting. Our team has strong expertise in federal and local laws, as well as regulations and ordinances so you can avoid winding up on the wrong side of the Rentalsman Association or worrying if you can take actions against your renters.

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Rent Collection

Your business thrives on consistent income, which is why our team will collect monthly rent and follow up on rent arrears. To ensure optimal cash flow, we set collection dates and strictly enforce late fee policies.

Listing Documentation

Proper listing documentation can save you time and money. Our team provides consistent listing documentation as well as tax information to ensure your records are up-to-date and accurate.

Reduce the cost of management

Escalating maintenance costs might be keeping you up at night. Our team actively reduces your costs with proactive maintenance, high quality asset purchases, and partnerships with local vendors and tradespeople.

Our Newest Listings


Newly Built Blackstrap Lake Home

$ 2,500 /Month

Freshly Renovated Single Bedroom Suites

SUITES AVAILABLE from $ 1,100 /Month plus power

2 Bedroom Apartments in Biggar, SK

SUITES AVAILABLE from $ 850 /Month plus power

Great 4 Bedroom Home in Mount Royal

$ 1,800 /Month

What our clients say about us

“WPPM has done a very commendable job managing my units, consistently providing regular updates and follow up. Tara has been very responsive and polite with any queries. I would definitely recommend WPPM.”
Don, Owner
I have been using their services for almost 2 years and I still think and thank myself the moment I called Sharon and signed up for their services. I don't have any headache for the property. I know it's in good hands. They always take care of all repairs. Tara always send out statements on time and they even send out year end summary. I have other rental properties but it's very easy to file taxes when you have all expenses and income on a piece of paper in front of you at year end. I initially kept this property because I couldn't sell it but now I don't want to sell it because it's so easy to manage with help of Western Premium.
Maninder Sidhu
Brenda was a dream tenant and you were a dream property manager/company. The only reason I’m sad about moving back home is you won’t be managing our property anymore.
I honestly can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us. I will ALWAYS recommend WPP to anyone who needs a property management company.

I was absolutely thrilled with the services WPPM provided, and especially with you, Sharon and Andrea.

“I have been a WPPM tenant for over two years am very impressed with their service. They are always quick to respond to maintenance calls and send someone right away to fix whatever needs attention. WPPM has helped the homeowner and I successfully navigate a backed-up sewer and subsequent basement renovations as well as a broken kitchen stove. Robert quickly and efficiently repairs any plumbing issues and August has always been considerate, friendly and professional when conducting routine inspections or household repairs. Sharon made sure I fully understood the implications of my lease and contacts me well in advance of renewal dates to discuss what my intentions as well as that of the home owner. It has brought me so much peace of mind to know WPPM is there abs will take care of any problems that arise - certainly one of the benefits of being a renter!”
Nell, Tenant
Sharon, thanks for all your help these past few days. Really impressed with the whole team.
Michael, Owner

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